Advanced Tactical Solutions

Tier 4 Firearms Training - (Urban Tactical Skills)

This level of training course is strictly designed for individuals who are heavily experienced in handgun firearm use and desire to advance their tactical skill sets.

ATS Tier 4 Training Program is designed as a training class for students based on the concept that all students are now fully and unconsciously competent with their pistols. This means you can operate the pistol effectively without any actual thought process. Once you are at this stage in your competency, you will be looking to "kick it up a notch", and that's what we do in Tier 4. This class goes into gun fighting techniques and tactical encounters in realistic life-like type urban settings, a little deeper with some unconventional techniques and a focus on repetitive drills in a scenario-based training environment. Topics covered include: Multiple assailant techniques, fighting from the ground, basic simple assailant threat scenarios, injured arm/hand shooting techniques, fighting your way to the pistol and lots more.

Training Includes: (not only limited to the following):

  • Basic rules of engagement for various threatening scenarios.
  • Use a firearm effectively in case of personal emergency with a tactical mindset.
  • Presenting your handgun while on the move.
  • Various magazine changes and reloads in stressful situations.
  • Responding to threats utilizing non-standard presentation techniques.
  • Responding to threats from the rear.
  • Shooting instinctively.
  • Shooting with multiple attackers.
  • One-handed malfunction clearances, strong-hand, weak-hand.
  • Malfunction clearances on the move.
  • Situational decision making based on your threats weapon, characteristics, size, and proximity.
  • Advanced use of cover and concealment.
  • Shooting from unconventional positions. (lying flat, kneeling, on your side)
  • Shooting utilizing cover while using a flashlight.
  • Develop advanced mental acuity, focus, dexterity, balance, and spatial awareness while performing tactical skill-based weapons manipulations.
  • Build and implement required muscle memory with many repetitions.
  • All targets, course equipment, and certificate of training event.

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