Advanced Tactical Solutions

Tier 3 Firearms Training - (CCW Advanced Conceal Carry)

This level of training course is designed for individuals who are experienced in basic firearms use and desire to advance their skills in public self-protection and situational awareness.

ATS Tier 3 Training Program is an advanced handgun class, not for beginners. This class is designed as a training class to give students a "real-life" experience on public conceal carry fundamentals. First, we learn on the theoretical aspects of law, as an everyday conceal carry citizen. Secondly, we train not "if" BUT "when" you will need to use your firearm in a real "life or death" situation. The program is built around situational awareness and self-defense, with an emphasis on practical shooting scenario techniques.

Training Includes:

  • 8-hour (approx) Training Session: (6hr. classroom, 15-30 min. LASR Shooting, 1.5hrs. live range)
  • Learn Legal, Moral and Ethical Rights and Responsibilities
  • Learn Georgia State Law and Federal Law on Conceal Carry (dos and donts)
  • Learn How to Interact with Law Enforcement in a Shooting Situation.
  • Learn the Conceal Carry Mindset / Situational Awareness / Levels of Competence
  • Learn about Holsters / Tools / Equipment Use
  • Advanced Firearms Safety & Practical Applications
  • Advanced Firearm Handling / Physical Firearm Awareness
  • Ready and Low-Ready Positions, Drawing from Holster and Re-Holstering
  • Develop Shooting Malfunction and Clearing Techniques
  • Learn About Stance, Combative Drawing, Trigger Control, Stress Fire, Recoil
  • Real-Life Advanced L.A.S.R. Computer Technology Simulations
  • Progression and H.O.S.T. Shooting Drills (High Operative Shooting Techniques)
  • Loading and Reloading under Threat or Pressure
  • Multiple Shooting Techniques and One-Hand Shooting (introduction)
  • Shooting Simulation from Retention (introduction)
  • Shooting and Moving Simulation (introduction)
  • Personal Attack Scenario Simulation w/ Videos and Discussions
All Firearms will be cleared, chamber-checked and properly stowed at the door, before class!